Carl Mesrobian began woodworking at the age of seven with a coping saw, a file, some sandpaper, and a section of two by four. Ingenuity and determination produced a toy truck with turning wheels and a separating tractor and trailer.

Carl got his first guitar when he was fourteen, and was soon playing Armenian dance music for local ethnic gatherings. At sixteen he got his first archtop guitar, and began playing rock music with various youth groups. A year later he acquired a Gibson archtop, his first "serious" instrument. His affection for archtop guitars was already evident.

College brought Carl into the computer world, but wherever he lived, whether in Seattle, New York, Washington, D.C., or Boston, he was always playing music and working with wood. After completing the furniture and cabinetmaking program at the North Bennet Street Industrial School in Boston, he started his own workshop in that city's historic Fort Point Channel area. He spent many years designing and making custom furniture, restoring fine antiques, and creating museum- quality reproductions. He was also repairing guitars. It seemed inevitable that he 'd build a guitar of his own, and he did.

Two archtops later, he decided to attend Dick Boak's guitarmaking class in Peter's Valley, N.J., with great success. Carl was also encouraged to pursue a career in guitarmaking by Bob Benedetto, who saw that he possessed the rare combination of craftsmanship and musicality needed to build fine instruments.

Today, Carl continues playing acoustic, electric, non pedal and pedal steel guitars in jazz, blues and country, as well as building and repairing guitars. Carl also repairs upright basses with Mark Carlsen of The Setup Shop.

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